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The Sennybridge Supermarket Shuffle - Usk Trip, January 2014

With the festive season came the rain; long awaited, we welcomed it at first. At last there would be water in the rivers. Then it became clear that after having how to rain for so many weeks it had also forgotten how to stop. When John Spooner posted his picture of the Usk out of its banks the week before the trip we began to question whether an advertised “WW novice suitable” trip was going to be on at all. The Upper Usk has a very short catchment. It rises quickly and falls just as fast.…


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RLSCC Awarded £10,000 Grant by Sport England

Earlier this year we put together a project to increase the involvement of older teenagers and young adults in the sport.

We identified that having the right equipment for people to progress in the sport was a problem for us so we built a proposal based around providing that equipment for both racing and recreational activity. Earlier this week we discovered that we have been successful. 

We have already identified the kit we need so expect to see it arriving in the…


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The Title "Queen of the Open Boat" is up for Grabs

“Hand on heart, we’ve never had such an eventful Dove Tour!” Janet said, as we walked towards the pub, afterwards. I haven’t been on one before so I really couldn’t judge it for myself. I did have a lot of fun, though, and I got to know the river much better than I’d been expecting to.

We have been to the Dove tour before. I haven’t been able to go, if only I’d known what I was missing!

The tour is terribly well organised. We weren’t. We met, as usual at the…


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Fifty Shades of Fun on the Trent

I scowl in frustration at my canoe in the racks. Damn my wayward paddle. It’s fallen down the back and I’m going to have to wriggle in the gap to get it out. I must put it away properly. I must put it away properly. We load our cars onto our roof racks, pulling the straps deliciously tight, and set off for Burton on Trent. This is the first time I’ve not known in advance where the put in is for the trip. I have relinquished control reluctantly and there is a new thrill in not knowing…


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If a river were a film... The Upper upper upper Avon from Ashow to Leamington

If you were to compare the character of a river to a film then our last trip on the River Avon would be a Tarantino film: the setting and our surroundings were beautiful, the characters were quirky but the action was brutal, uncompromising and just that little bit too long. This week’s trip was more of a Spielberg adventure: it started fast, it was unexpectedly good and we went home feeling that we had definitely got our moneys worth.


As all good things do it started with a…


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Making the most of it - On the River Avon

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We’re having a lovely late Indian summer and it would be criminal to let it go by. So we didn’t. No other criminal acts were committed either. If any law enforcement officer were to look over these reports at a later date I would like to place on record that I make a lot of what I write up and anyway you can’t prove anything because we weren’t there and we didn’t do it. What was it anyway?


I also want to point out, early on, that…


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August Severn Trip - The Usual Suspects

Returning to the Severn with Roger in charge was always going to be risky. The river is notoriously difficult to measure, mileages can double overnight depending on which of Jodi and Roger is wearing the contact lenses. So it wasn’t without a certain nervousness that we gathered at the club. The usual suspects rolled steadily in. Roger and Jodi, Tess and Ben, Dave Shep, Carl, Kristyna, Neil, Dave Mac (on his first trip out with the renegades) and new member, Simon were all gathered and…


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Wye Tour - Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat 2011

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when Roger organises a trip you are going to be travelling further than originally advertised. The survivors of the infamous Severn trip last year will testify to the bottom aching weariness that slowly takes over your body, seeping in through the tight cuffs of your cag, flowing down through your shoulders, cramping your feet in the tight confines of your kayak. The draggled remnants of the party that went on the Dove tour who limped back into…


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A Tale of Two Rivers - Thames Trip 2011

It’s seven thirty in the morning at the club. Two minor miracles have already happened. Janet and my twenty year old son, Ben, are both up, making sense and on time. Roger is sorting kit out. Jodi is eating. We need another miracle, we have to meet Brian at the get in. I’ve been there before but always as a passenger. I put on a confident face and we set off.

It’s just after nine and we’re done with miracles. We’re in Cricklade, Brian has reluctantly put his book down and joined…


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