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Puppy Gareths 'Pupdates'

Go to the Doggypaddle events page to see the 10month and one year 'pupdates' on how Gareth is getting on.

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DoggyPaddle 10th July 2016

Don't forget to keep the 10th July 2016 free, so you can help with the clubs annual DoggyPaddle event.

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Doggy Paddle a geat success

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the 2015 DoggyPaddle a resounding success.

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19th October kayak surfing at Porthcawl cancelled

sorry guys, I cancelled this as a) not much interest 2) the forecast has got worse, according to magicseaweed, with confused seas being advertised when I planned on going. Never seen this before. What with higher winds, confused seas, and low tides, there is too much wrong to risk going all the way there. Brian

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Poole Harbour Race

An invitation from PHCC to the “Poole Harbour Race” on Sunday  22nd  Sept starting from a sandy beach on the edge of the harbour, sunshine and food included.

Any boat K1, K2, Ski, Sea kayak (classic and racing), Wavehopper, WWR or General purpose. 

The harbour race is a set of three races of 4, 8 and 15 miles around the harbour.

The two longer courses both go round Brownsea Island. The short course runs along the shore.

All ages and ability…


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Canal-to-Brum paddle report

Six of us went on the C2B event, on a beautiful summers day. Brian (kayak), David (kayak), Rog&Jodi (Canoe) and PK/Dawn (Canoe). Points for next year are a) there's no real rush to get to the centre by the posted meet-up time b) we averaged 2.5 miles per hour c) the handmade burgers are fantastic - do bother bringing a lunch. I hope everyone enjoyed the day. Brian

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River clean-up

Many thanks to everyone who helped clean-up the river. Thanks to a massive effort, the river is now pretty clean all the way to the Leam/Avon junction, and I believe thanks to Leam Boat Centre, all the way to Warwick.

On Saturday myself, Simon and three of his friends pulled out a tent, and around 15 bags more rubbish, mainly plastic bags.

Other stretches of the river re the DoggyPaddle are still a little grim in places, but on the whole the river is OK !

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Going down Captain

The Bala trip may be my kayaks Waterloo; a sad day if it is. It appears that only a near religious experience with a mighty soldering iron can save my boat from its holey death... Operation is scheduled for tomorrow... Please think of my boat in it's time of need, Brian

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Family Paddle to Warwick

Many thanks to Ed for organising the family trip to Warwick, enjoyed by Ed and family, Jo and Adam, Tess, PK and Brian. Mixed weather didn't dampen our enjoyment of the paddle, wildlife spotting, chatting with fishermen, enjoying (mostly) the cafe in Warwick. The trip finished off with Adam and Brian 'deck walking' or in my case swimming. 

On a side note, PK and I took a detour to Rock Mill weir, and it was brilliant in quite high water levels, the new fallen in center section…


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P2H - Paddle to the Heart of Brimingham write-up

David Mackie and Brian Nicholson paddled the P2H event, along the canals from the Drawbridge pub (Shirley outskirts) to the center of Brum (Brindley place, Gas Street Basin, etc), taking in the surprisingly scenic delights of the Stratford and Birmingham canals. We finally meet up with around 30 other paddlers who had also paddled various canals to the center, had a quick natter, and then paddled to the car. We can well recommend this trip, as the canal is very green for most the way, and…


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Mountain Biking at Cannock

I've noticed, over the years, that kayakers are often associated with other 'pit yourself against nature' sports, such as rock climbing and mountain biking (MTBing). So it was a joy to introduce Johnny B (limited off-road experience) and Janet H (haven't ridden a bike in years) not only to MTBing, but inspiring to see how they were tearing up the difficult trails by the end of the day. Janet squeezed three bikes, three sets of kit, and us three into her…


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Can you help on the Doggy Paddle event, 13th May 2012???

Please go to the Forum, trips, can you help... page, to work out if you can help on the Doggy Paddle event.

Everyone welcome!!!


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Builth Wells to Boughrood 2012

I thought the event timing went quite well. I'm probably alone in thinking these thoughts. I suspect everyone else is thinking “Never again. Curse that dam sadist of an event organiser”. Let me explain...

We all met at 7-30am, loaded up, had a wonderful drive up along an ever twisting scenic route, event free except for one minor detour and a run-in with a dumper truck. We got changed, shuttled, paddled the river, drove home along a bloody dangerous ever twisting dark…


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River Wye - Builth Wells - 11 years ago...

For those interested in what the Builth Wells trip (Move to the 3rd March 2012) is going to be like, here's a 2000 trip report, when I was a wee nipper...


This describes our first ever white water trip, down the river Wye, Wales, from Builth Wells to Llyswen. It describes where we got in, some hazards we encountered, and where we got out. It also tries to capture our feeling during our first ever white water run, especially our…


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21st January : Vernwee, Vernwy, Vyrnwy trip know where we went!

It started off as a most auspicious day - a 7-30am start and Janet was early. The omens were good. All eight of us, Ed (our glorious leader), Rene, Neil, Janet, Jon, Dave, Gareth and myself were soon packed up and off to Wales for some proper paddling. The weather forecast was good: warm and a slight chance of rain. Needless to say it was tipping it down most of the way, especially on poor Shrewsbury. But the good old BBC got it right, and hardly a drop was seen all day at the river...…


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