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P2H - Paddle to the Heart of Brimingham write-up

David Mackie and Brian Nicholson paddled the P2H event, along the canals from the Drawbridge pub (Shirley outskirts) to the center of Brum (Brindley place, Gas Street Basin, etc), taking in the surprisingly scenic delights of the Stratford and Birmingham canals. We finally meet up with around 30 other paddlers who had also paddled various canals to the center, had a quick natter, and then paddled to the car. We can well recommend this trip, as the canal is very green for most the way, and…


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Juniors Success

Our Juniors continue their run of successes.

Timothy Dowden represented the Club at last Sunday's Hasler qualifying event at Worcester. Four Clubs participated in the 2 mile Lightning race. Timothy came 1st with a winning time of 14m 23s which was 1m 23s ahead of his nearest rival.

Harry Price entered the Youth Freestyle Series at the…


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Mountain Biking at Cannock

I've noticed, over the years, that kayakers are often associated with other 'pit yourself against nature' sports, such as rock climbing and mountain biking (MTBing). So it was a joy to introduce Johnny B (limited off-road experience) and Janet H (haven't ridden a bike in years) not only to MTBing, but inspiring to see how they were tearing up the difficult trails by the end of the day. Janet squeezed three bikes, three sets of kit, and us three into her…


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Lower Dee River trip 5th May

This report is a little late, but better late than never.  I thought it would be fun to paddle somewhere new so after looking through the UK rivers guide, I decided upon the lower Dee.  The trip starts at Llangollen just below Town Falls and finishes at Newbridge.

 When we arrived at Llangollen, we all peered over the bridge and had a look at the grade 4 rapid.  Brian was keen to run it and was trying to persuade a few people to have a go. At first there didn’t seem many takers but…


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Trentham Hasler


Congratulations to RLSCC paddlers.


William came second out of eleven in his first division 5 race.

James came first out of a field of 18 in the lightning race.

Ryan had to pull out out the division 5 race because he hit his paddle on the bottom of the shallow lake and ended up pulling a muscle.



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Can you help on the Doggy Paddle event, 13th May 2012???

Please go to the Forum, trips, can you help... page, to work out if you can help on the Doggy Paddle event.

Everyone welcome!!!


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Fun in the Sun: HPP 1/4/12

Sorry for not writing this sooner, I just havent got round to it!

Last Sunday Brian, Janet, Mark and myself spent the day at Nottingham's National Watersports Centre, aka Holme Peirrepont (HPP). I took a little persuading to come along, as I'd never been before and had heard a range of stories about it's difficulty and water quality (or lack of). But after being assured it would be easier than the brutal Cardiff course, and stocking up on coke, we set…


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Unexpected water at Rock Mill!

It's Good Friday, and a family day out at Warwick Castle. A chance conversation with the guy who maintains the water wheel at the castle revealed that the recent weather has raised the level of the Avon by almost a foot since Wednesday. If it can come up that quickly, it can surely go back down again just as fast. Better get to Rock Mill fast!

The short notice, and only having the ability to advertise on Facebook while out and about meant it was just me and Stuart at the club. The…


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Junior Racing Success!

We have just had confirmation that the Junior Racing Team have won the Severn Plate in the Midlands Duathlon Series 2010-11. The presentation will be made at the Gailey Race. WELL DONE team! You have all trained hard to achieve this deserved success.

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Midlands Duathlon Series - Barrow on Soar

Another successful duathlon race for the RLSCC racing team.


The race was held at Barrow upon Soar which was a stand in event following the cancellation at Burton.  The location was great for the race and the course was enjoyed by all.  Hopefully they will hold a marathon there in the summer.


It was a lovely day when the paddlers arrived, but as soon as the first boat was on the water the heavens opened and it rained solidly until the last boat was off the…


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Builth Wells to Boughrood 2012

I thought the event timing went quite well. I'm probably alone in thinking these thoughts. I suspect everyone else is thinking “Never again. Curse that dam sadist of an event organiser”. Let me explain...

We all met at 7-30am, loaded up, had a wonderful drive up along an ever twisting scenic route, event free except for one minor detour and a run-in with a dumper truck. We got changed, shuttled, paddled the river, drove home along a bloody dangerous ever twisting dark…


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Ice Breaking on the Leam

Owing to a hefty dose of snow and travel chaos our casual Sunday morning paddle didn't go entirely according to plan. With the help of serendipity it went much better than that :)

Plan A was to drive over to Saxon Mill for a park and play. Before we started we'd already decided that we'd probably abandon that due to the road conditions and the additional driving involved: a paddle from the club sounded like a much more sensible option. However, on the morning Janet and Stuart (both…


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River Wye - Builth Wells - 11 years ago...

For those interested in what the Builth Wells trip (Move to the 3rd March 2012) is going to be like, here's a 2000 trip report, when I was a wee nipper...


This describes our first ever white water trip, down the river Wye, Wales, from Builth Wells to Llyswen. It describes where we got in, some hazards we encountered, and where we got out. It also tries to capture our feeling during our first ever white water run, especially our…


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21st January : Vernwee, Vernwy, Vyrnwy trip know where we went!

It started off as a most auspicious day - a 7-30am start and Janet was early. The omens were good. All eight of us, Ed (our glorious leader), Rene, Neil, Janet, Jon, Dave, Gareth and myself were soon packed up and off to Wales for some proper paddling. The weather forecast was good: warm and a slight chance of rain. Needless to say it was tipping it down most of the way, especially on poor Shrewsbury. But the good old BBC got it right, and hardly a drop was seen all day at the river...…


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Lucky 13 on the River Usk

I have been paddling for far too many years so I agreed it was about time I organised and ran a trip.  The Usk in past years had always been a good trip for the start of the year and a nice easy white water trip.  The day before the trip I was beginning to feel a little anxious and horrible ‘what if’s’ began to run through my head.   It was too late, to back out now.

The plan was to meet at the club at 7.15am and yes I was on time, I was not the last to arrive. (Please note this for…


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Eddielines - October 2011

It was a particularly early start on this fine Sunday morning, with the moonlight still streaming through the window while the alarm clock nags me to get up. It doesn't seem to matter what time I set my alarm for, I always want "just five more minutes". This means that once I do get up I have to rush to make sure I'm not late, this is also not helped by the fact that I'd decided not to take the opportunity to put the roof bars on the car the day before.


Thinking that my…


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If a river were a film... The Upper upper upper Avon from Ashow to Leamington

If you were to compare the character of a river to a film then our last trip on the River Avon would be a Tarantino film: the setting and our surroundings were beautiful, the characters were quirky but the action was brutal, uncompromising and just that little bit too long. This week’s trip was more of a Spielberg adventure: it started fast, it was unexpectedly good and we went home feeling that we had definitely got our moneys worth.


As all good things do it started with a…


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Making the most of it - On the River Avon

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We’re having a lovely late Indian summer and it would be criminal to let it go by. So we didn’t. No other criminal acts were committed either. If any law enforcement officer were to look over these reports at a later date I would like to place on record that I make a lot of what I write up and anyway you can’t prove anything because we weren’t there and we didn’t do it. What was it anyway?


I also want to point out, early on, that…


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August Severn Trip - The Usual Suspects

Returning to the Severn with Roger in charge was always going to be risky. The river is notoriously difficult to measure, mileages can double overnight depending on which of Jodi and Roger is wearing the contact lenses. So it wasn’t without a certain nervousness that we gathered at the club. The usual suspects rolled steadily in. Roger and Jodi, Tess and Ben, Dave Shep, Carl, Kristyna, Neil, Dave Mac (on his first trip out with the renegades) and new member, Simon were all gathered and…


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RLSCC Junior club acquires new K4 for race training

We are pleased to say that the BCU has loaned a K4 to RLSCC to help build on the work done in the Saturday junior club.


It is a fantastic opportunity for juniors (& adults) to experience race training. It is just 2.5 metres shorter than standard mens K4.


Roy collected it yesterday, just on the boundaries of the legal limit of overhang :)


It will be made available for juniors tomorrow at 5pm in Attila's training group - see you there. We…


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