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Mountain Biking at Cannock

I've noticed, over the years, that kayakers are often associated with other 'pit yourself against nature' sports, such as rock climbing and mountain biking (MTBing). So it was a joy to introduce Johnny B (limited off-road experience) and Janet H (haven't ridden a bike in years) not only to MTBing, but inspiring to see how they were tearing up the difficult trails by the end of the day. Janet squeezed three bikes, three sets of kit, and us three into her…


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Lower Dee River trip 5th May

This report is a little late, but better late than never.  I thought it would be fun to paddle somewhere new so after looking through the UK rivers guide, I decided upon the lower Dee.  The trip starts at Llangollen just below Town Falls and finishes at Newbridge.

 When we arrived at Llangollen, we all peered over the bridge and had a look at the grade 4 rapid.  Brian was keen to run it and was trying to persuade a few people to have a go. At first there didn’t seem many takers but…


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Trentham Hasler


Congratulations to RLSCC paddlers.


William came second out of eleven in his first division 5 race.

James came first out of a field of 18 in the lightning race.

Ryan had to pull out out the division 5 race because he hit his paddle on the bottom of the shallow lake and ended up pulling a muscle.



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