Warwick Sprint Event

Welcome to the 2018 Warwick Sprint Event!

Warwick Sprint coming soon on Saturday 6th October.

This year we will be having more races than previous years, so more chance to show your talents, whether they be sprint racing, swimming or splashing!

The schedule for the day is:

  • 09:00 Check-In
  • 09:45 Briefing
  • 10:00 Group Sprint Races
  • 12:30 Warwick Knockout
  • 14: 45 Marathon (Under 12’’s)
  • 15:30 Marathon (4km)
  • 16:30 Medal Ceremony

Group Sprint Races:

  • We will assign paddlers to groups, based on their declared 200m time, age (for juniors), ranking, gender and boat type (canoe/kayak)
  • Each group will be up to 16 paddlers
  • Each group will have three consecutive 150m races
  • In each race, all paddlers compete (yes, up to 16 paddlers in each race!)
  • Points are awarded for the finish position in each race (20 points for 1st, 19 points for 2nd etc.)
  • The paddler with most points after 3 races is the winner
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each group
  • Hint: Paddle like crazy in all races!

Warwick Knockout:

  • Same concept as 2017, with a few tweaks
  • As in the sprints, paddlers are assigned to groups
  • Each group will race over 100m
  • The last 2 paddlers to cross the finish line are knocked out
  • The remaining paddlers race in the opposite direction over 100m
  • Again, 2 paddlers knocked out....repeat until less than 5 paddlers remain
  • Then the last 100m is a sprint, 1st to finish is the winner
  • Prizes for 1st
  • Hint: Use tactics, there is no need to win all 100m apart from the last race!


  • Back by popular request, we will be having a 2k (Lightning) and 4k marathons
  • All paddlers (~100) will start at same time to some incredible music
  • Canoes go slightly earlier, to prevent a total wash out
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd. 3rd for each race group

We will have some great food available from the BBQ, along with snacks, drinks etc.

Some good prizes will be available. These will be awarded to the overall winners in each group, and based on sprint and marathon results. 

More information and application form can be accessed from the links below

We have requested sunshine :-), and look forward to another exciting day! Hope to see you there.

Promo video:

*** 2017 RESULTS ***

Warwick Sprint 2017 - Official results from 200m sprints

Warwick Sprint 2017 - Official results from 200m knockouts

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