4 A's

4A's stands for Adventure Activities for All Abilities and is an affiliated group within the RLSCC. 4A's aims to open up our sport and other adventurous activities to anyone with a learning or physical disabilty, we also welcome their family members too.


Over the years we have tried white water rafting, climbing, camping, expeditioning shooting, skiiing and many other sports. In the summer, our main sport is canoeing and we meet at the club from 6:30 - 8:00 on a Wednesday evening in term time. Anyone is welcome and we make no charge for the weekly sessions. Instructors give freely to their time and visiting intructors are welcome. You don't need any special qualifications, just a sense of adventure and fun. We have a good stock of boats, paddles, bouancy aids and other equipment that can open up the sport to anyone. We stay on the river into autumn for as long as we can, being finally driven off by the failing light some time around the beginning of October. In the winter, we hold an activity once a month.


Please contact leam4asracing for further information. or visit the 4As website at www.4asclubleam.org

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