Is anyone around this Sunday afternoon and fancy a quick hour or so paddle at the club or near by? I'm working in the morning but fancy getting on the water to muck around doing rolls and trying tail squirts and cartwheels. Let me know if you're interested.


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I can paddle on Sunday from about 10 to 12. Fancy a quick jaunt to Rock Mill?
D'oh. Didn't read your post fully :-\
I'm up for that. Want to go out in an OC. Don't think I'll be running the weir though!!

I think I can make it to the club around 15:00 if that suits people. I was just planning on messing around at the club but can go down to the weir if you want.

I'm planning on going to the pool tomorrow evening and need to bring my boat home for cleaning so 15:00 is a little late for me.

Ok, I can't really get there any earlier due to work. I might show up anyway and have a splash about but if no one else is committing to being there then I might just as easily give it a miss. Post here if you are going to make it and I'll check the forum before heading down.

Home a bit early so heading over soon. Will probably be on the water for 14:00 if anyone is still interested.


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